Rupert Claxton

Meat Director

Rupert has worked as a strategy consultant in the food sector since joining Gira in 2003, with a high level of specialisation in global meat markets, especially in the developing world. He has a strong understanding of the evolving nature of international meat demand and the supply systems that provide it, as well as their internal organisation.

For the last 16 years Rupert has produced the Asian sector of the annual Gira Meat Club report, and for the last 7 managed the Gira Asian Meat Club. He also helped produce Gira’s 2018 Long Term Global Meat report. In the last year he has been actively researching developments in the global pork supply chain as ASF spreads through key markets and the resultant issues for producers and traders.

Rupert’s other work recently has included; ongoing research on the impact of ASF, African research on beef, poultry and pork, European studies on the beef & sheepmeat industries, processed meat production, meat in retail and global salmon production and trade.

Rupert’s personal background in UK farming affords him a balanced outlook on the increasingly globalised meat industry, between the commercial drivers that control the processing industry and the complex cultural heritage that farming has evolved from.