Download photos and logos for FHA-Food & Beverage here. Catch up on event updates and past highlights with our videos below.


Recapture the moments at FHA where new connections were established, bonds renewed, business deals sealed,
fresh industry insights gained and spectacular creations presented at competitions.

Competition & Activities
Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony


Get up to speed on the latest updates, replay 2018 daily highlights, and watch what
exhibitors have shared about their experiences at FHA.

  • Highlights

    What to expect at FHA-Food & Beverage 2020?

    What to expect at FHA-HoReCa 2020?

    A Successful FHA2018 Set New Record Highs

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  • 2018 Exhibitor Interviews

    FHA speaks with Bravo Asia

    FHA speaks with WMF Group

    FHA speaks with Qatar Pavilion

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  • 2018 Daily Highlights

    FHA2018 Day 1 Highlights

    FHA2018 Day 2 Highlights

    FHA2018 Day 3 Highlights

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