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Lincoln Goh

Head Judge of FHA Beer Awards, FHA-Food & Beverage 2020

Co-Founder, The Drinking Partners

Lincoln Goh is a pioneer in the craft beer scene in Singapore. Bitten by the craft beer bug after a work stint in the UK, he set up one of Singapore’s craft beer distribution companies, The Drinking Partners, with his wife Corrine in 2006. Since then the craft beer evangelist, well-respected for the beer education programmes, has also gone on to make craft beer even more accessible, with his bottle shop “The Great Beer Experiment”, as well as Druggists – a boutique bar that offers 26 craft beers on tap. In 2017, The Drinking Partners broke new ground again by bringing the Mikkeller Bar, which boasts a firm cult following, to Singapore. In 2015, Timeout Magazine Singapore recognised both Lincoln and Corrine as “Pioneers and Educators” in an article dedicated to the Who’s Who in the craft beer industry.