Aimed at promoting continuous learning and reskilling, the NYP Learning Studio will focus on developing manpower capabilities, enhancing skills and competencies, and improving productivity for the food & hospitality sector.


Albert Tan

School : NACE (National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning)

Sessions : Workshop: Critical Factors for Successful Franchising: Implementing Workplace Learning

Albert Tan is currently a manager in the National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE), NYP, focusing and supporting the workplace learning initiatives, which is an integral part for many SkillsFuture initiative. Albert’s passion for picking up new things outside his field of expertise exposed him to other form of work. He is active in the media industry, currently serving in the Film Consultative Panel (FCP) and the Broadcast, Publications and Arts Appeal Committee in Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA). He was the Vice Chairperson for the Film Consultative Panel in from 2012 to 2013. His prior knowledge on electronics, automation, media as well as training pedagogy provided him insights in the constantly evolving food servicing sectors, especially on the imperative need for digitalisation and tech adoption.

Bennet Chan

School : SBM (School of Business Management)

Sessions : Workshop: Engaging F&B customers on Social Media

A seasoned restaurateur in the F&B arena, Bennett has worked across multiple functional business disciplines in both large and small F&B companies as well as a consultant, covering APAC with QSR chain Carl’s Jr. and foodpanda – where he introduced the first ghost kitchen for the group. With strong operational skills, he has built and executed business operational departments in new market entry, focusing on supply chain, project management, training & development and marketing.  At Nanyang Polytechnic, Bennett strives to play a critical role in stimulating and deepening learners’ understanding of strategic, operational and managerial issues facing today’s F&B operators.

Benson Ong

School : SBM (School of Business Management)

Sessions : Workshop: Three Smart Ways to Develop a Viable Business Idea

Benson started his entrepreneurial journey at age 18. His businesses included insurance, food & beverage, retails, IT solution and business coaching. He joined NYP as fulll-time lecturer in 2014 after 10 years of being an adjunct. His wish is to see more learners taking up the challenge of starting their own business to better the world. Benson is an ESG CQI Management Consultant and is also a certified mentor of Lean Business Model Canvas.

Catherine Seah

School : SCL (School of Chemical & Life Sciences)

Sessions : Workshop: Allergen Management in Food Service Establishment and Central Kitchen Production

Catherine is the Technical Manager for the ISO17025 accredited Food Safety Centre in NYP with several on-going industrial food safety related projects and R&D work. She had also audited on at least 250 occasions worldwide in various food sectors and had also facilitated companies to attain HACCP and ISO22000 certification.

Chef Eric Teo

School : ACI (Asian Culinary Institute)

Sessions : Workshop: The Art of Plating

Singaporean bubbly Celebrity Chef Eric Teo brings 31 years of culinary experience to the F&B industry in Singapore with the position last held as an Executive Chef of Mandarin Oriental Singapore in 2011. Over the years, Teo’s achievements with a host of awards and recognition accolades including the World Gourmet Summit Executive Chef of the Year 2006, 2008 and 2009 which walked him into the Awards of Excellence Hall of Fame in the year 2010. That same year, Chef Teo was named Best Western Cuisine Chef at the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards. Chef Teo is the first Singaporean to be appointed President of the Singapore Chefs’ Association from 2005 – 2013. Chef Teo is actively been involved in International Culinary Competitions like IKA HOGA Culinary Olympics in Erfurt Germany, Expogast World Cup in Luxemburg and FHA FCC International Culinary Competition in Singapore as Mentor and Deputy Head Judge. He is also the Official Celebrity Chef for Singapore Sports Hub. Aside from his profession, Chef Eric is also greatly involved in Singapore TV cooking shows on both Chinese and English programs by Mediacorp and he was invited as Guest Chef for MasterChef Asia Program in 2015 on Episode 5. Chef Eric is one of the Iconic figure to represent STB (Singapore Tourism Board) in the Chingay Parade in 2014. Currently running his own consultancy company ET Culinary Arts since 2011. Chef Eric is also the Brand ambassador to Golden Chef Abalone (Fairprice), Kang Kang Fresh Noodles (TSK Foods), Sadia Chickens (Sats Brf), Marigold Yoghurt, SATS Culinary Consulant, Tefal Cookwares and Culinary Advisor to People’s Association Program. Chef Eric Teo also take on another portfolio as Master Mentor with Asian Culinary Institute Singapore.

Chef Thomas J. Biesewig

School : ACI (Asian Culinary Institute)

Sessions : Seminar: Menu Re-Engineering for higher Profits

Thomas J. Biesewig is a German Master Baker, Bakery Consultant and German Language Teacher, based in Singapore.
He comes from a family of Master Bakers and received his own Master Baker degree with distention in 1990, issued by the Handwerkskammer Bremen. Since then, he has worked in several smaller and larger bakery operations in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and in Singapore. Thomas has many years of experience in running large bakery operations in Airline Catering facilities. He worked eight years for SATS Catering in Singapore, and another three years for Etihad Catering in Abu Dhabi.Thomas J. Biesewig operates his own German Bread business in Singapore. He also works as a Bakery Consultant in Southeast Asia and is Brand Ambassador Southeast Asia for Steinmetz Premium Flour (Germany).He conducts his own Baking Classes at Creative Culinaire-The School in Singapore. He is an Adjunct Culinary Trainer for Bakery & Pastry at Asian Culinary Institute Singapore, and Adjunct Lecturer for German Language & Culture at Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore.

Claudine Loong

School : SCL (School of Chemical & Life Sciences)

Sessions : Seminar: Organic/vegan/healthier food – request from FHA (Plant base ingredients as alternatives for food product development)

Claudine works at Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Chemical and Life Sciences as a Lecturer. She is involved in the development of teaching and training curriculum, course and programme delivery and working on client-based projects related to nutrition intervention. Her passion lies in community healthy nutrition and is currently managing a student interest group to improve the nutritional status among polytechnic students. She was previously working at Singapore restructured hospital as a Dietitian. She specialises in Geriatric Medicine, General Surgery and Eating Disorders.

Richard Khaw

School : SCL (School of Chemical & Life Sciences)

Sessions : 
  • Workshop: Food Safety Monitoring on the go for Food Service Establishment
  • Seminar: Organic/vegan/healthier food – request from FHA (Plant base ingredients as alternatives for food product development)

Richard holds a B.Sc. (Honours) in Microbiology from National University of Singapore and a Master Degree in Food Science & Technology from University of New South Wales specialising in Food Safety. He is the Deputy Director in School of Chemical & Life Sciences and Cluster Lead for NYP360 Industry Solution for Food Cluster in Nanyang Polytechnic. He is also the President of the Singapore Institute of Food Science & Technology (SIFST) since 2017. He has served as the Honorary Secretary and Vice President of SIFST since 2008. Richard’s other national level portfolios include the committee members of the Singapore Food Standard Committee, Co-Chair for the Food Safety Technical Committee, Technical Committee for Chemical & Biological Testing, Technical Committee for Proficiency Testing and Technical Committee for Milk and Milk Products.
At regional and international level, Richard is the member and past president of the Federation of Institute of Food Science & Technology in ASEAN (FIFSTA) and member of the Award and Competition Committee for the International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST). Richard has also worked in National University Hospital, Johns Hopkins Singapore and ALS Technichem Pte Ltd as Research Associate and Senior Manager respectively prior to joining Nanyang Polytechnic.

Dr Gan Heng Hui

School : SCL (School of Chemical & Life Sciences)

Sessions : Workshop: Food Safety Monitoring on the go for Food Service Establishment

Heng Hui educated and trained in Australia then United Kingdom, Heng Hui has 16 years of experience in Food Science related field, especially in the areas of applied R&D and Food Safety & Quality management. Before joining Nanyang Polytechnic, she was actively involved in new products development, raw materials sourcing and driving food safety and supply quality in Asia-Pacific regions. As a Senior Specialist in Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Chemical & Life Sciences, she is currently overseeing all Food Science & Nutrition related projects,  such as new product and process development, and consumer studies through sensory evaluation. She is part of the team that supported the construction and operations of NYP’s GMP-compliant food pilot plant and also oversees the ISO 17025 Food Safety Centre that offers food safety testing services and consultation to companies. In recent years, she has been involved with projects related to sustainability – converting ‘waste’ to ‘use’.

Dr Henry Leung

School : SCL (School of Chemical & Life Sciences)

Sessions : Workshop: Food Waste Management

Graduated with PhD from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in Pharmacology and MSc from University of Surrey in Pharmacology & Toxicology. Henry had worked mainly in applied research for industries and academics for 15 years. As an entrepreneur, Henry hosted and co-funded numbers of biotechnology start-ups, like Clearbridge Nanomedics, Nanogenic, Bio-X and PurerSkin. In his recent work on coffee waste upcycling, Henry and his team focus on a bacteria called Cupriavidus Necator (C. Necator) to produce a type of biopolymer called polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), which PHA can be used to produce environmental friendly biodegradable plastics, via the left over nitrogen source in coffee waste. In addition, they have also developed a new bio-composite between epoxy and coffee waste with good fire resistance properties and good tensile strength.

Dr Tay Mia Eng

School : SCL (School of Chemical & Life Sciences)

Sessions : Seminar: Aged/elder friendly food

Mia Eng is a senior specialist (human nutrition) & senior lecturer at NYP. She has her PhD in Food & Nutrition Science from Newcastle University, MSc (Safety, Health and Environmental Technology and a BEng (Chemical) from NUS. She is the overall in charge of the Centre for Functional Food & Human Nutrition. She has worked on various public health related projects such as acceptance of healthy eating dinning & healthier choice symbol programs, Health Insights of Singaporeans (hiSG-adolescents), intake of sugared and sweetened beverages, and nutrition deficiency risk assessment of free-living older adults in Singapore, and promotion of diabetes awareness. Prior to joining NYP, Mia Eng was the Operations Manager for SGS International Certification Services Singapore Pte Ltd for more than 7 years, in which she performed both second- and third-party certification and handled the accreditation process. Mia Eng is currently an approved external lead assessor for SAC (Singapore Accreditation Council) for ISO 17025.

Dr Cindy Soh

School : SCL (School of Chemical & Life Sciences)

Sessions : Seminar: Aged/elder Friendly Food

Cindy holds a PhD in Food Science from University of Sydney and an Honour Degree in Food Science & Technology from Curtin University of Technology. Her research focus has been in cereal and cereal based products. She is currently the Course Manager for the Food Science & Nutrition program in Nanyang Polytechnic. Cindy has experience in both food safety and product development. She has worked with food ingredient companies in developing new food products for the industry. She has also worked with chefs in the development of new and healthier choice option meals.

Lina Tan

School : SCL (School of Chemical & Life Sciences)

Sessions : Seminar: Aged/elder Friendly Food

Lina holds a science degree in Microbiology from National University of Singapore and a MSc in Food Science & Nutrition from University of Leeds in United Kingdom. She is a senior lecturer with School of Chemical & Life Sciences, Nanyang Polytechnic providing academic training to students majoring in food science & nutrition programme. She also provides expert guidance and training to clients in the food industry. Lina gains valuable experience and expertise in R&D, quality assurance, technical support and business development during her past employment. She has worked in IMA Asia Pacific Pte Ltd as area sales manager handling food processing machines. While providing technical support to customers, she has acquired insight of the cultural and socioeconomic situation in Asia. She has previously worked for Japanese processed cheese company, Lacto Asia Pte Ltd, and leading surimi seafood company, Thong Siek Food Industry Pte Ltd as R&D and QA Manager. During her tenure, she was responsible for developing quality control procedures, training and rolling out new food products.

Gladys Chu

School :  SCL (School of Chemical & Life Sciences)

Sessions : Workshop: Using digital technology & mobile app to track dietary intake and understand the statistic

Kevin Wee

School : SBM (School of Business Management)

Sessions : Workshop: Business Continuity & Risk Management For Hospitality & Tourism Sector

Kevin helps students and adult learners develop their academic and practical skills in areas such as business continuity and risk management , design thinking for innovation, storytelling and problem-solving. He also teaches and conducts research on business continuity and risk management within the hospitality and tourism industry. Prior to NYP, Kevin spent 12 years of his career in the tourism and real estate. He is a holder of B Sc. (Estate Management) honours from NUS and MBA (merit) from University of Nottingham (UK).

Larry Seow

School : SDN (NYP School of Design)

Sessions : Seminar: Design Thinking and Service Experience Design

Mr. Larry Seow chairs the Innovation & Enterprise Team in School of Design, Nanyang Polytechnic. He consulted and trained the pioneer batch of Design Thinking Master Trainers for the Ministry of Manpower, Indonesia, and was involved in the preplanning of 2nd Design Thinking programme with the Public Service Division, Singapore. He has also conducted Design Thinking and Service Experience Design training to Yokogawa Corporation (Taiwan), Workforce Singapore and Ministry of Education to trigger their creative resourcefulness to identify opportunites for innovation.

Lau Tong Yen

School : SBM (School of Business Management)

Sessions : Workshop: Making Sense of Customer Digital Analytics

Tong Yen has been a Senior Lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) School of Business Management for close to ten years. Prior to joining NYP, she has accumulated a wealth of experience in market research and analysis in the IT industry. Her areas of focus include conducting competitive analysis, customer analytics and providing advice on go-to-market strategies. Tong Yen received her Master in Internet Technology from University of Wollongong, Australia. She also holds a Bachelor of Business degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Samuel Chan

School : ACI (Asian Culinary Institute)

Sessions : 
  • Workshop: Food Additives, Are They All Bad?
  • Workshop: How Healthy Is Your Menu, Really?
  • Workshop: Don’t find yourself in the hot seat with Food Poisoning!

Samuel Chan is a Food Technologist by training and is currently a Lecturer & Programmes Facilitator at Asian Culinary Institute (ACI), a Continuing Education and Training (CET) institute of Nanyang Polytechnic. Before joining ACI, Samuel had worked for 5 years in Quality Assurance with SATS Food, specializing in catering for (inflight, institutional, hospital, events & army) and Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) manufacturing.

Simon Tan

School : SBM (School of Business Management)

Sessions : Workshop: Curating Digital Visual Content with Product Styling & Photography

Simon graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2002 with a Degree in Business Administration. He started out as an advertising executive in a full-fledged advertising agency (AG Advertising) and joined Singapore Press Holdings as an account manager. Simon handled key accounts in the government sector such as Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Health, and multi-national corporations such as Samsung, Starhub and Lenovo, providing the complete suite of advertising solutions across tradtional to digital platforms to meet the clients’ diverse needs.

Yeo Boon Pu

School : SEG (School of Engineering)

Sessions : Workshop: Reducing your workload through Robotic Process Automation

Mr. Yeo Boon Pu is experienced in information technology that spans from system infrastructure, system development to system administration. He is involved in the discussion on how we can embrace digitalization to enhance our productivity. He is also exploring how emerging technologies like data analytics and artificial intelligence can possibly provide intuitive man-machine interactions