Discover young innovative businesses and their disruptive technologies at the all-new FoodTech Start-Up Village.

The newly created FoodTech Start-Up Village @ FHA-Food & Beverage is a special feature area that aims to bring together a community of innovative and cutting-edge solution providers to introduce and showcase their novel businesses to the F&B manufacturing industry.

Source and gain insights into the latest technological solutions to boost your production and operational needs.

Developed an innovative product or solution that can enhance the F&B manufacturing industry?

Download the flyer to find out more about participation or email for enquiries.

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                  • Full waiver of the SGD 80 admission fee
                  • Access the online business matching portal to pre-arrange meetings
                  • Full access to the online show directory and floorplans
                  • Print your own admission badge from the comfort of your home/office
                  • Option to auto-register visit to FHA-HoReCa

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