Widen your beer palate with the best brews at the all-new Beer Street.

Tap into the growing potential of beer and refine your beer palate.

The Beer Street brings together a community of craft and boutique beer producers to introduce original brews and unique flavours catered to the Asian market. Expand your knowledge on the wide range of beer varieties and find your favorite style of beer.


There are 4 broad types of Beer: Ale, Lager, Malt and Stout1.

Stout: Recognised for their dark colour from roasted barley, stouts add depth and character to your glass.

Ale: Ales are full-bodied with hints of fruit or spice and a hoppy finish. Best when you are feeling thirsty.

Malt: For the sweet tooth, malts often contain notes of caramel, toffee and nuts, and are dark and sweet in flavour.

Lager: The most popular beer style almost everyone’s familiar with. Known for its crispness and refreshing finish.

Source: 1Beer Store


Exhibitors at the Beer Street are automatically entitled to participate in the FHA Beer Awards.

To be recognised as the best in the scene for their brewing techniques and beer packaging, competitors in the FHA Beer Awards may submit product entries of their choosing from 16 different beer categories. 

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