Source from international group pavilions around the world. Discover familiar favourites and new pavilions joining the event for the first time.


The Singapore F&B Pavilion showcases the unique Hawker Culture of Singapore. This heritage is Uniquely Singapore and was nominated by Singapore in 2019 to be included in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The main pavilion features a common area that serves to shine the spotlight on local products that are Innovative, Healthy, Convenient, Premium; and embody our hawker heritage. Participants at the Pavilion will also have access to a B2B Business Matching Programme organised by the SMF. Users of the SMF Digital Platform will also be able to consolidate the orders of different exhibitors into 1 container to make it more convenient for buyers.


Product highlights located in Hall 6

Mr Popiah’s Popiah Vending Machine

Mr Popiah serves hand-made popiahs ranging from traditional flavours to modern ones with a twist! Their popiahs are Halal certified, and also endorsed to be the “Healthier Choice”.

Leong Guan’s Healthier Noodles

Leong Guan is one of the first few noodle manufacturers in Singapore to be chosen to produce Healthier Choice Wholegrain Noodles certified by the Health Promotion Board. Leong Guan’s popular healthier choice noodles are: Wholegrain Noodles, Wholegrain Mee Tai Bak, Wholegrain Kway Teow, Wholegrain Mee Kia, Wholegrain Mee Pok, etc.

Halal Pavilion, Hall 3

The first ever Halal Pavilion organized by Singapore Manufacturing Federation showcases many food products that are Halal-certified. With Singapore’s diverse racial, cultural and religious backgrounds, the Halal certification helps bring different individuals together by fostering social interactions through food that is consummable by most religions. There will be a food demo at the Halal Pavilion where a renowned chef will cook some of Singapore’s favourite dishes using the exhibitors’ halal food products. Some 6 exhibitors will be housed under the Halal Pavilion.

FoodTech Pavilion, Hall 3

Featuring over 15 exhibitors that brings you an extensive range of latest revolutionary and eco-friendly hospitality-related products, catering to your ever-growing Food & Hospitality needs. Expect products such as eco-friendly takeaway containers with sustainability sourced raw materials, high-quality disposable bags to Commercial Refrigeration and Duty Trucks; all the FoodTech products will be covered under Singapore Pavilion.

Air-tight & Odourless Plastic Containers

Inspired by creating an odourless solution for durian packaging, these new air-tight oval plastic containers are able to seal the strong aroma of food easily. These containers are durable, economical, microwaveable, chiller friendly and is available in various dimensions.

Hyster Reach Truck

Designed for indoor use and is ideally suited for a variety of applications such as general warehousing, retail and grocery wholesale.  AC Power, CANBus communication system, electric steer, and regenerative lowering all contribute to the durability and reliability of these Narrow Aisle reach trucks. These reach trucks are designed with superior ergonomics for versatility and can also be customised.


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