Global Chefs Challenge

Asia Regional Semi-Final for the Global Chefs Challenge Final in 2022.

Organised by Worldchefs, the Asia Regional Semi-Final held alongside FHA-Food & Beverage will see best chefs from across the region race to win the coveted spots for advancing to the renowned Global Chefs Challenge Final 2022.

Participating teams that are pre-selected from national qualifying rounds will compete to show their mastery in culinary arts through 3 competition categories:

Global Chefs Challenge

Global Pastry Chefs Challenge

Global Young Chefs Challenge – Hans Bueschkens Trophy

The victorious teams will head to the Global Chefs Challenge Final held at Worldchefs Congress & Expo in 2022.

For competition enquires,
please contact Linh To at [email protected]

For sponsorship enquiries,
please contact Ragnar Fridriksson at [email protected]

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