As COVID-19 continues to significantly disrupt global commodity markets into 2021, the pressure on meat markets also increases through the rise of the African Swine Fever and highly pathogenic Avian Flu. ​

Despite the serious outlook, the global meat market is valued at US$322,800 million in 2018 and will reach US$408,200 million by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 3.4% during 2019-2025 (MarketWatch). The Southeast Asia meat product market is also forecasted to reach US$117,259 million by 2026, up from US$82,182 million in 2019 (ResearchDive). The rising popularity of ready-to-eat and frozen meat products, and strong backing from governments to help businesses stay sustainable amid these difficult times are some of the key growth contributors. ​

Join us on 13 – 14 April for a two-day expert sharing session on current trends and challenges facing the industry, and gain key insights as well as smart strategies to cope with the challenges ahead.

Topic Highlights

Pathogens, Pandemics & Food Safety

  • African Swine Fever
  • HPAI – Pandemic, Poultry and a Perfect Storm
  • COVID-19 & Meat Market Shifts
  • Smart Sourcing – Protein for Asia in 2021

Trends & Insights

  • Meat Market’s Next Normal – Threat or Opportunity?
  • Geopolitics, COVID & Uneven Recovery: An ASEAN Perspective

Technology, Digitalisation & Value Chains

  • Smart Processing Tech in Farming – Lessons learned from US
  • Packaging Tech, Labelling & Supply Chains
  • Retail Excellence: Trusted Data for Meat
  • Halal Meat Markets, Certification and Asian Opportunities

Sustainability & Resilience

  • Climate Risk, Feed & Meat by 2030
  • Animal Health and Nutrition
  • Efficiency Gains & Feed Additives

Free Trade & Market Access

  • EUSFTA – Leveraging in 2021 | RCEP – Trade Implications for ASEAN

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*Singapore time (UTC+8)

Note: The programme is accurate at time of update and may be subject to change.

13 April (Tue)
Welcome to FHA Match: Meat!

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Meat Market Trends Asia – From Foodservice to Consumer Appetite

This intelligence session will outline the latest market movements for protein in Asia with a deep dive into the outlook for the Foodservice industry distribution channel. The presented datasets will also look at consumption pattern of consumers for meat categories in different countries.

Speaker : Tim Hill

Key Accounts Director, GlobalData

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Why Sustainability Matters – Embracing Innovation for Australian Red Meat

The path to carbon neutrality for Australia’s red meat sector provides a huge opportunity to meet the growing interest from consumers and be rewarded and acknowledged for doing so. The industry has put in place the beef & sheep sustainability framework and is investing in research and technologies to support red meat’s transition to a carbon neutral position. Learn more about Australia’s sustainability initiatives and why it matters to all of us.

Speaker : Edwina Clowes

Manager, Sustainability Frameworks and Stakeholders, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)

Speaker : Jenny O’Sullivan

Farmer, Malabar Farm

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Pandemic & Protein Market Shifts – Lessons from US & EU for Asia

COVID-19 has driven unprecedented changes across the retail food world due to economic and social challenges. Consumers have gone through a full cycle of panic buying, stock up and experimentation with different proteins and cuts, as well as trying new shopping channels such as e-commerce. With no end in sight, manufacturers and retailers will need to remain vigilant and continue to adjust to the “new normal” in order to keep consumers coming back for more. IRI will describe the major changes that can be expected to stay and accelerate when COVID recedes.

Speaker : Chris Dubois

Senior Vice President Protein Practice, IRI Worldwide

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Female Leaders in the Distribution Industry: Meat

Inspiring the next generation of female talent is vital in an industry that has been traditionally male dominated. Leadership that helps women stake their claim in the meat and distribution industry is providing opportunities for learning, mentorship, and professional growth. This panel is discussing the right initiatives to “break the mold” by purely becoming a savvy business leader.

Speaker : Laura Ryan

Founder & Global Chair of Meat Business Women

Speaker : Helene Raudaschl

Founder, Chairman Indoguna Productions FZCO

Speaker : Amy Brooks

Marketing Manager, Stockyard Beef Pty Ltd

Moderated by : Britt Spyrou

Director, Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

12:15 The Chef’s Table – Cooking with Worldchefs Saltimbocca ft. VanDrie Group

Welcome to Cooking with Worldchefs! Our first episode features special guest chefs, Worldchefs Continental Director of Europe South, Domenico Maggi and his grandson James. Using veal product from VanDrie Group, discover their delicious recipe for the traditional Italian dish of Saltimbocca!

Speaker : Domenico Maggi

Worldchefs Continental Director of Europe South

13:30 Networking Break

Use this time to connect with other delegates on the platform, conduct 1:1 video calls, network with exhibitors and discover new products!

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Sourcing like a Pro: Sustainable Meat Sourcing from Ireland

Join the Irish Food Board on a virtual journey through the Republic of Ireland and discover our proud national tradition of livestock farming. Find out what makes Irish meat uniquely recognised and globally trusted – from our fortuitous island location to our national sustainability program Origin Green. Meet Irish suppliers and harness the Irish advantage today!

Speaker : Malcolm Leoi

Southeast Asia Manager, Meat, Seafood & Beverages, Bord Bia, Irish Food Board

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Global Halal Food Market – Meat Certification & Opportunities

Co-organised by the Halal Development Council, this two-part educational seminar will help you understand the intricacies of Halal meat certification and regional market opportunities. Part 1 educates on key processes and regulations pertaining the Halal meat industry, with Part 2 looking at opportunities in different global markets.

Speaker : Mohd Ashraf bin Ibrahim

Assistant Director, International Section, Malaysian Halal Council, Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM), Malaysia

Moderated by : Asad Sajjad

CEO, Halal Development Council Pakistan

15:30 – 16:00
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Foresight from Insights I: Outlook of the Global Meat Supply

The COVID pandemic, ASF and bird flu are impacting supply chains, resulting in market shifts, price fluctuations and changes in purchasing behavior around Asia in the most significant way. The global meat market supply chain may face additional pressures should buyers such as China decide to make strategic adjustments or consumers behavior will change quicker than expected. This interactive session will allow delegates to identify future shocks and gain a deeper understanding of next cycle meat economics.

Speaker : Rupert Claxton

Meat Director, Gira

*Singapore time (UTC+8)

Note: The programme is accurate at time of update and may be subject to change.

14 April (Wed)
Welcome to FHA Match: Meat!

  • What are the highlights?
  • How to get the most out of FHA Match: Meat?
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Meat Alternatives – Threat or Opportunity?

The rise of meat alternatives is gradually changing established value chains and swiftly advancing consumer perceptions on what proteins they are to consume. The industry is to find a smart balance between investing in new technologies to continue to grow and innovate outdated processing practices to stay competitive. This session will offer a nuanced look at the changing landscape in meat production and distribution while also considering a redefined role of importers, traders and distributors in ASEAN.

Speaker: James Caffyn

Director of Strategy & Due Diligence, Gira

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Market Access Asia – Recent FTAs & Global Meat Trade

This session will look at Asia’s most recent trade agreements and their impact on the meat industry. Trade experts of Article Three present a high-level overview so you stay agile and informed and make smarter decisions for your business. Highlights of the talk include:

  • Agriculture and food in Asia Pacific FTAs – recent developments
  • Global meat and trade policy – emerging trends
  • Outlook 2021 – trade policy risks and opportunities
Speaker: John Berry

Director Market Access, Article Three

Speaker: Kristen Bondietti

Director Trade Agreements, Article Three

Speaker: Khalil Hegarty

Director Policy, Article Three

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Smarter Protein Supply Chains – Next Technology from US

The US food supply chain is experiencing rapid innovation. Learn about the most effective technologies that can help your business grow smarter, swifter & traceable. Join us for an interesting presentation on future proofing your supply chains.

Speaker : Will Sawyer

Lead Animal Protein Economist, CoBank

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Protein Packaging Trends Asia – Mixed Meat in the Bag

How does packaging influence consumer behavior? How are sustainable packaging solution driving innovation? What are new protein companies doing differently that attract consumer’s appetite? This session will unpack the latest trends that impact the meat packaging.

Speaker: Irene Kersbergen

Market Analyst, Innova Market Insights

12:00 The Chef’s Table – Animal Husbandry Sustainability Session

What are the history, the risks, the benefits and the current situation of animal production? What are the implications for culinary professionals? In this session, Chef Chris Koetke walks you through the what, why and how of sustainable animal husbandry as well as map out a strategy for environmentally conscious culinarians. The session is an extract from the 8-day Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals, a course developed by Worldchefs Feed The Planet.

Speaker: Chef Chris Koetke

Chairman of the Feed The Planet Committee

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Meeting Future Demand – Long-term Prospects of Poultry & Protein

With vitality ahead, the regional and global industry needs to take concrete steps to overcome any adverse challenges. As distribution channels are changing with robust at-home and online sales, new product offerings will result in new opportunities. Value chains will become more digital, smarter, and more sustainable to accommodate shortened supply chains as well as overall better food security. This session will examine how the poultry market will evolve in the short and medium term.

Speaker: Nan-Dirk Mulder

Senior Global Animal Protein Analyst, Rabobank International

13:20 Networking Break

Use this time to connect with other delegates on the platform, conduct 1:1 video calls, network with exhibitors and discover new products!

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German Meat – The First Choice For You & Your Customers

German Meat is the joint export promotion organisation of the German meat industry. Join this session to learn about companies from all levels of the meat value chain and find a trusted supplier for pork, beef or other products. With a special focus on the Vietnamese, Hong Kong and Singapore market, the webinar will highlight why German meat including Friedrick Neckermann, Tönnies Lebensmittel, Vimex, Vion and Westfleisch are the right choice for you.

Speaker: Steffen Reiter

Managing Director, German Meat GmbH

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Leveraging EUSFTA – Practical Insights for Meat Trade in 2021 and Beyond

The European Union-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA) entered into force on Nov 21 2019, and offers opportunities for the business community that are yet to be fully exploited. The panelists will share practical insights on how to navigate the cornerstones of the agreement to guide meat producers, importers and traders for smarter access to markets and a stronger relationship between Singapore and the EU.

Speaker: John Clarke

Director, International Relations, Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission

Speaker: Chua Shun Loong

Director, North America and Europe, Ministry of Trade & Industry Singapore

Moderated by: Mary Elizabeth Chelliah

Principal Trade Specialist, Ministry of Trade &
Industry Singapore

15:30 – 16:15
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Foresight from Insights II: Future Growth in the Global Meat Supply

Developing stronger sustainable practices, engage in tighter partnerships with exporters and navigating consumer marketing will become even more crucial in the next decade as e-commerce intensifies, the customer role changes, and technology becomes more progressive. These developments offer great opportunities for innovative manufacturers and traders that position their companies in smarter ways and allow to compete through different strategies.

Speaker: Rupert Claxton

Meat Director, Gira

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