Fine Foods will explore the rate and scale at which specialty food markets changed, as inflation impacts prices, products and experiences. Vaccines hold out hopes for the Covid pandemic turning endemic, bringing about new stages in the recovery and revitalizing the foodservice sector which is so closely linked to fine and specialty foods. The strong growth of retail, specialty grocers, frozen foods, e-commerce as well as home cooking or gourmet take-away contributed to the resilience of the specialty food sector through last year and hitting an expected record of $161.52 billion in 2021.

Despite the great declines from foodservice sales the global specialty foods market is still expected to grow at 16.4% (CAGR) in 2021 mainly due to resuming operations.

As the experience economy and F&B outlets are trying to find a new footing, our relationship with food has changed. What was understood as fine food is undergoing transformation as did the experience in an eatery, the purchase online, or the nutritional and sensory values we seek from our foods impacting a market that is expected to reach $247.2 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 11%.

Join FHA Match – Fine Foods for a two-day expert business event to understand smart strategies to cope with the challenges in 2021 and source from leading suppliers. Our AI-powered platform will help you make meaningful connections ahead of time and set your agenda so that during the event you can focus on getting involved in our content sessions, educative seminars, follow showcases or join private 1-on-1 video calls with buyers and industry leaders from foodservice, hospitality, retail, wholesale and distribution. Reach your individual objectives with FHA Match and learn about:


Market Opportunities & Consumer Trends Asia Pacific

  •  Fine Foods Retail Growth
  • Emerging Gourmet Trends
  • Convenience & Fine Food
  • Country SWOT Analysis

Innovation & Technology

  • Fine Food Packaging
  • Alternative Formulations
  • Direct-to-consumer (DTC)
  • Sustainability & Supply Chains
  • Social Commerce

Product Discovery & Specialty Foods

  • Organic & Natural
  • Super Foods
  • Food Safety Packaging
  • Meat & Seafood
  • Fine Food Showcases


*Singapore time (UTC+8)

Note: The programme is accurate at time of update and may be subject to change.

10:30 Welcome to FHA Match: Fine Foods

  • What are the highlights?
  • How to get the most out of FHA Match?
  • How to connect with other delegates?
10:40 – 11:00

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Fine Food Opportunities: Sustainable Innovation for Brand & Product Riding the E-Commerce Wave

Unsurprisingly, 35% of global consumers have increased their use of home food delivery since the virus outbreak so fine food purveyors, producers and food service providers had been agile to shift sales channels and innovate products and brands. Innova Markets webinar is set to explore the sector’s key themes, including COVID-19-induced market growth, the climate crisis, circular economy solutions, reusable packaging models and the unboxing experience. The session seeks to address:

  • Smarter ways to capitalize on the B2C growth
  • Sustainable-by-Design offerings elevating brands & products
  • Premium becomes Plastic-Free
  • Accelerated expansion of personalization

Join this data-packed intelligence session to position your products closer to the new-found consumer tastes and succeed in channel strategy, production, and personalized marketing for your innovative sustainable premium brand.

Speaker: Irene Kersbergen

Insight & Innovation Manager APAC, Innova Market Insights

11:05 – 12:00

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Fine Food Forward: A Chefs’ Discussion on Guest Experience, Professional Skill, Future of Dining and Resilience

The surreal Covid economy has produced dramatic retail growth for certain fine and specialty foods, whilst the foodservice sector is faced with unprecedented downturns and severe uncertainty. Despite increased vaccination rates, improved safety protocols and tentative re-openings, the industries’ real long-term implications are yet to be fully addressed. As agile as hospitality outlets had been since the start of the pandemic, further progressive avenues may have to be taken in order to mitigate additional interruptions for business, talent and the dining experience. This roundtable  is to discuss:

  • Designing the future food experience
  • Shaping of chef skills and preparing for endemic Covid
  • Operational agility & transferrable strategies for foodservice
  • Trust in health & safety
  • Recruiting during Covid: How gastronomy can attract talent
Speaker: Chef Eric Neo

Executive Chef, President Singapore Chefs’ Association (SCA)

Speaker: KK Kong

Executive Chef, Sentosa Golf Club & National Team Manager 2022

Speaker: Koh Hanjie

Head Chef & National Team Captain 2022

Speaker: Ong Jing Qin

Chef, President Jr Chefs’ Club

Moderated by: Ben Goh

Executive Chef,

Shangri-La Guangzhou

12:00 – 13:15

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Gastronomy Origins: Microgreens Travel Stories ft. Marcel Thiele

“Horticulture, agriculture, microgreens and sprouts are becoming more important in this ever-changing, evolving world. Join Marcel Thiele to explore a global landscape where gastronomy meets horticulture. Discover the art of nature with stories from Koppert Cress’ epic quest for the right combination of flavours.

What can chefs do with this kind of knowledge? Find out how to transfer old recipes into the new age, how to adapt Mother Earth Principles to your hotel kitchen, catering, and restaurants, and help change perspectives in the chefs’ world to work with plant-based ingredients.”

Speaker: Marcel Thiele

Spicehunter® and Culinary Business Development Manager & High End Gastronomy Expert at Koppert Cress B.V.

13:15 – 14:00 Networking Break – FHA Match

Do use this time to connect with other delegates on the platform, check out exhibitors discover new products or have video calls with your contacts.

14:00 – 14:20

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Tracking Fine & Specialty Food Tastes in Asia – Impacting Growth and Rebound for 2022

This intelligence session will look at the changes in consumption behavior for fine foods and how distribution channel shifts offer surprising growth opportunities moving into 2022. Discretionary consumer spending indicated a trend to novel culinary experiences throughout the pandemic, with consumers also seeking foods with functional ingredients that promote health and wellness. However, ingredients that claim to boost immunity and digestive health are not the only products that have become more attractive as some gourmet foods experienced phenomenal growth despite the difficulties of Covid.
Drawing on GlobalData’s Consumer and Foodservice Intelligence Centres, Tim Hill will reveal major consumption pattern trends and innovative new product launches in Asia Pacific’s fastest-growing countries. Join this exclusive presentation to learn about:

  • Drivers for premium food consumption
  • Demographic differences in the consumption of premium foods
  • How different countries and demographies classify ‘quality’ foods
  • Which country’s consumers are likely to self-identify as ‘foodies’
  • Successful product launches with innovation in novel, experiential and premium foods
Speaker: Tim Hill

Key Accounts Director, GlobalData

15:45 Closing Day 1

Relieve today’s highlights and learn about what’s happening during the on-demand sessions on day 2!

*Singapore time (UTC+8)

Note: The programme is accurate at time of update and may be subject to change.

FHA Match Revisited: A Selection of On-Demand Thought-leadership from 2021

Revisit some of this years’ most exciting exchanges and exclusive presentations from the FHA Match series. Deep dive into ideas, data and insights from leading researchers, C-level executives, policy analysts, trade professionals and manufacturers that understand the ins and out of the Asian markets.
FHA Match: Meat

  • Meeting Future Demand – Long-term Prospects of Poultry & Protein
  • Foresight from Insights II: Future Growth in the Global Meat Supply
  • Leveraging EUFSTA – Practical Insights for Meat Trade in 2021 and Beyond
    (European Commission, Singapore Ministry of Trade & Industry)
  • Meat Market Trends Asia – From Foodservice to Consumer Appetite

FHA Match: Dairy

  • China’s Dairy Developments – Ongoing Modernisation & Sector Analysis
  • A Break from Dairy? The Future of Alt-Milk in Asia
    (Good Food Institute, Mordor Intelligence, Green Queen)
  • RCEP – Trade Implications for Dairy in Asia-Pacific
    (The Asian Trade Center)

FHA Match: Sweet & Snacks

  • Tracing the State of Chocolate & Cocoa in Asia – The Now & Next
    (Cocoa Association of Asia, Mordor Intelligence, Von Alm)
  • Building Blocks for New Nutrition – Pairing Indulgence with Sustenance for Industrial Production
    (University of Monterrey)

FHA Match:  Frozen & Seafood

  • A Better Catch – Sustainable Seafood through Tech, Alternatives & Standards
    (WWF, Big Idea Ventures, InfoFish, Austral Fisheries)
  • Why Smart People Make Bad Food Choices: The Invisible Influences that Guide Our Thinking
  • How to Win the Next Normal in Retail – Develop and Deliver for 2021 and Beyond
  • Key Trends in Global Frozen Foods – What Market Shifts Reveal about New Opportunities

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