There are over 250 million cows used to produce milk in the world, including approximately 24 million in the EU, 9 million in the USA and 1.85 million in the UK. Commercial milk production is also increasing rapidly in southern Asia, including in countries that have not traditionally consumed milk, such as China.

The global outlook for dairy remains optimistic as the milk production growth across the global Big-7 dairy exporters – New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, EU, US and Australia – was surprisingly stable in 2020 (Rabobank). Growth in liquid milk equivalent (LME) was at its highest since 2017.

Join us from 19 – 20 May for a two-day expert sharing session on current trends and challenges facing the industry, and gain key insights as well as smart strategies to cope with the challenges ahead.

Topic Highlights

Trends & Insights

  • COVID-19 & Dairy Market Shifts
  • Dairy Outlook: 2021 & Beyond
  • Alternative Milk Opportunities

Technology, Digitalisation & Value Chains

  • Smart Processing Innovation in Dairy Production
  • Supply Chain Innovation & Traceability

Sustainability & Resilience

  • Climate Standards, Production & Innovation by 2030
  • Animal Health, Efficiency Gains & Sustainability

Pandemics & Food Safety

  • Food Safety in Times of COVID: Dairy
  • Recovery, Diets, Health & Nutrition

Free Trade & Market Access

  • Smarter Sourcing – Dairy for Asia in 2021
  • Free Trade Agreements and Opportunities in Asean – RCEP Analysis

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Note: The programme is accurate at time of update and may be subject to change.

19 May 
Welcome to FHA Match: Dairy

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Driving Dairy Growth – Asia Pacific Market Growth & Consumer Preferences

This intelligence session will look at the overall market size for dairy consumption to see which countries will make Asia Pacific the world’s fastest growing region. Using GlobalData’s unique country scoring system, Tim Hill will focus in on the high potential countries (Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam) and dairy categories in the region, and will look at which consumer demographics are consuming the most and how their behaviors are changing. Themes such as foreign brands, health and wellness and categories such as yoghurt and milk will feature prominently.

Speaker : Tim Hill

Key Accounts Director, GlobalData

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Top Trends in Dairy in 2021

Innova Market Insights continuously analyses global and local developments in food and beverage launch activity and consumer research to highlight the trends most likely to impact the food and drinks industry in 2021 and beyond. Akhil Eashwar Aiyar from Innova Market Insights will take you through this year’s top trends in dairy in Asia. Key trends that will be discussed are “Plant-Forward”, “Tailored to Fit”, “In Tune with Immune” and “Modern Nostalgia”.

Speaker : Akhil Eashwar Aiyar

Market Analyst, Insights & Innovation, Innova Market Insights

12:00 Networking Break
Take a breather and reach out to the other delegates via 1-on-1 video calls or chats on the platform. Equally, discover products and meet new suppliers in the exhibition area.

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Origin Green: Source Sustainable Dairy From Ireland
Join the Irish Food Board at the Ireland National Pavilion and discover how Grass Fed standard of Ireland dairy industry works in perfect harmony with nature. Find out what makes Irish dairy uniquely recognised and trusted over 140+ markets in the world – from our fortuitous island to our national sustainability program Origin Green. Meet Irish suppliers and harness the Irish Dairy advantage today!

Speaker : Patrick Lim

Business Manager Southeast Asia, Dairy at Bord Bia – The Irish Food Board

14:45 The Dairy World in 2021 and the impact of COVID-19

The IFCN – Dairy Research Network – is an internationally operating research and consulting company, cooperating with researchers from around 100 countries and serving another network of over 140 companies in the global dairy chain. The leading provider of dairy economic data is based in Kiel, Germany. Its mission is to serve all stakeholders in the dairy world to make better decisions through data, knowledge and inspiration.

Speaker : Katrin Fredrichs

Senior Dairy Market Analyst, IFCN Dairy Research Center

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Prospérité: More Than Just UHT Milk!

Prospérité’s UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment) milk is not only about giving an unique milky experience to consumers with it’s amazing taste, or its infinite possibilities of use as a complement for breakfasts or to create gourmet recipes. It is much more if we look up closely where it all starts, our French dairy farms. The different components of our breeding methods are crucial to get the best quality of our UHT milk. From the heart of our farms to your favourite recipe, this webinar will let you discover how the commitments that we care of, make of our milk the most virtuous of all.

Speaker : José Luis Pinedo Rivera

Product Manager, Ingredia Dairy Experts

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China’s Dairy Developments – Ongoing Modernisation & Sector Analysis

China’s milk production is forecast to increase by 4.5% to 34.5 million metric tonnes (MMT) in 2021 (USDA) through its large-scale, state-of-the-art milking facilities and feed management techniques making it a major player in cow milk. These large-scale dairy farms account for nearly 70% of total dairy farms in 2020. In addition, the imports of dairy products and dairy ingredients are projected to rise continuously, driven by consumer demand and the food processing industry. Learn about the impacts and developments of China’s rise to the world’s largest importer of dairy products, its risks and possibilities of this strategically important market. Stay smart in an ever-evolving industry.

Speaker : Christophe Lafougere

Managing Director & Dairy Director, Gira

16:30 Day 1 Wrap Up

*Singapore time (UTC+8)
Note: The programme is accurate at time of update and may be subject to change.

20 May 
Day 2: Welcome to FHA Match: Dairy

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A Break from Dairy? The Future of Alt-Milk in Asia

Dairy milk products have had plant-based alternatives for the longest time, though their popularity has risen steeply over the past decade. One example being Swedish vegan milk maker Oatly’s IPO which is predicted to raise some 10 billion dollars likening parallels to Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods. Plant milk is becoming the preferred choice for consumers for a variety of motives. Whether it is for their nutritional value, animal-welfare consideration, lower environmental impact, to avoid lactose or dairy milk allergens, or simply out of preference, the future of alt-dairy is bright. This panel is to discuss the growth potential in different Asian countries, bottlenecks and strategies to capture more market share in an increasingly competitive environment.

Speaker : Sonalie Figueiras

Founder & Editor in Chief, Green Queen Media

Speaker : Ignacio Vargas

Fellow, The Good Food Institute

Speaker : Peter Brown

Regional Director, China, South East Asia, Middle East, Freedom Foods

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RCEP – Trade Implications for Dairy in Asia-Pacific

The RCEP is the largest regional free trade agreement (FTA) outside the WTO. Its member states account for approximately 30% of the world’s gross domestic product (USD 26.3 trillion) and 30% of the world’s population (2.3 billion).15 Asia-Pacific nations have ‘virtually’ signed the deal to further liberalization of trade, removal of non-tariff trade barriers and increased trade facilitation. To navigate RCEP, this policy pundit session will educate on the key implication for the dairy industry.

Speaker : Dr Deborah Elms

Founder and Executive Director of the Asian Trade Centre

12:25 Networking Break
Take a breather and reach out to the other delegates via 1-on-1 video calls or chats on the platform. Equally, discover products and meet new suppliers in the exhibition area.

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Better Dairy for Tomorrow – On the Path to a More Sustainable Dairy

As the need for more ecological practices in the dairy industry increases, this session will evaluate the now and next for industry leaders. We will look at how large-scale operators need to evaluate their production chains to foster long-term competitiveness and to reorganize their business to meet the criteria of a sustainable system. The Big-7 dairy exporters already made progress though key bottlenecks remain to transform to a more robust farming system that can satisfy consumer choices, protect margins, provide the nutritional products and improve on animal husbandry.

Speaker : Charlotte Picazo

Business Analyst – Dairy, Gira

14:30 Day 2 Wrap Up

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