Happening 5th July for one day only, FHA Match: Food & Beverage serves as a prelude to this years’ physical tradeshow on 25th – 28th April.

The digital platform seeks to explore themes and topics that impact or drive the F&B industry. The rate and scale at which F&B markets, consumer trends or foodservice operations changed over the last 12 months has deep implications for the planning and vision of any operator to stay ahead of the curve.  Position yourself by understanding the new stages in the recovery and revitalising of the foodservice sector.

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Welcome to FHA Match: Food & Beverage

  • How to get the most out of FHA Match?
  • How to connect with other delegates?
  • What are the highlights during today’s webinar day?

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Special Welcome Message by Ms Janice Lee, Event Director – Food, HK & Singapore, Informa Markets Asia

In this short video message, Ms Lee will share updates on the upcoming 2022 edition of FHA tradeshow in September, some of it’s highlights as well as FHA welcoming the European Union as it’s “Partner of Honour”. FHA is to celebrate the trading bloc’s large-scale participation at this year’s trade show in Singapore. The EU Member States will again be represented at FHA through numerous pavilions, an exciting content program, trade seminars to further strengthen the strong business relationships with Asia.

11:40 – 12:25

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Growing the Asian Brew: From Coffee, Covid and Local Cultures
Traditionally, Asia has not been a major coffee drinking region, but this is changing fast. Due to a myriad of factors, Asia is seeing a resurgence of a local coffee culture and those in the value chains – growers, roasters, traders, distributors – are able to capture growth by understanding the current trends.
At every step of the production process, from harvesting to roasting, the coffee bean tells a story. Join us for this roundtable on growing coffee demand in Asia and an interesting exchange on:

  • The influence of speciality coffee shops and the increasing appeal of fresh coffee which has led to the growth of this segment in retail channels.
  • Indonesia being a major producer of coffee beans and turning to consumption from both locally produced and imported brews. Given the size of its population, room for economic growth, and a CAGR of nearly 11% in coffee sales, it will soon overtake South Korea as well and go head-to-head with China as the biggest coffee drinker
  • Opportunities and business in Vietnam’s value chains and the “crimson cherry” renaissance
  • Impact of Covid onto local markets and opportunities for coffee shops despite rising prices and lower outputs
  • Sustaining local coffee traditions and the impact of new consumers
  • Development of specialty coffee industry in the ASEAN region
  • As the importance of specialty coffee grows, will there be a need to adapt SCA standard to local culture?
Speaker: Leo Silimakuta

Co-Owner Lisa & Leo’s Organic Coffee, Head of Farmer’s Training & Education Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia

Speaker: Elvis Le

Director of Sales and Marketing, Vina Nha Trang SJC

Speaker: Mike Hughes

Head of Research and Insight, FMCG Gurus

Moderator: Pacita Juan

Chairperson, Philippine Coffee Board & 2nd Vice President, ASEAN Coffee Federation

12:30 – 12:50

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What Drives F&B Innovation by 2030? Finding Opportunities in Evolving Asia
After more than two years of unprecedented disruption, 2022 continues to create a challenging business environment for the food and beverage industry. Despite this outlook the rate at which the F&B sector is innovating and manufacturers are adapting to changing consumption trends is undiminished.
This intelligence session will look at the key drivers for purchasing behavior and consumption habits by region as well as generation. Drawing on GlobalData’s Consumer and Foodservice Intelligence Centres, Tim Hill will reveal the major F&B innovation patterns, trends and themes in Asia Pacific’s fastest-growing countries which we will be able to observe throughout the 2020’s.
Join this exclusive presentation to learn about:

  • Key drivers for consumption changes in the 2020’s
  • How manufacturers are adapting to trends through innovation
  • Winning ingredients, positioning and packaging for new product launches
  • Which different demographics are likely to suit your product launch strategy
Speaker : Tim Hill

Key Accounts Director, GlobalData

13:00 – 13:45


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Driving Diets with Dollars: Promoting New Protein Products to Consumers
The alternative protein market is estimated to be worth $27.05 billion by 2027 and it is likely that Asia will determine the global protein growth for decades to come. Not surprisingly the new protein market is getting very crowded with new product launches almost on a daily basis.
However, can the average consumer even name a new alt-protein food product that stands out from the pack? How do you convince the consumer to add your product to the shopping card for tonight’s dinner? How can a brand compete in this quickly maturing food segment that is challenging a established food category?
To answer those questions and discuss strategies and insights needed to unlock the potential of a new product, this roundtable is to discuss:

  • What consumer wants
  • What it takes to build a new brand
  • How to set your brand on a path to success
  • The Push and the Pull of Consumer Demand
  • Where are the opportunities? GenZ, Direct to Market, Ecommerce, Word to Mouth?
  • How important is health and diet in the marketing debate?

Join us for an exciting exchange on how alternative protein product can be successful with consumers at scale as they need to meet consumers three core levels: taste, price, and convenience.

Speaker: James Caffyn

Partner, Lever VC

Speaker: Michal Klar

Founding Partner, Better Bites VC

Speaker: Sonalie Figueiras

Founder, Green Queen Media

Speaker: Avinash Desamanagalam

Research Manager, Mordor Intelligence

13:45 – 13:50


About Alternative Protein Asia Feature (APA) 2022
Discover new protein products, start-ups, companies, thought-leaders and investors in this ever emerging food tech space. The Alternative Protein Asia area will feature a new protein tasting bar for sampling new products, start-ups village for entrepreneurs and a Food Technology theatre hosting a number of future of food seminars providing thought-leadership, educational content and showcases for this exciting sector. In addition to that it will feature the Big Idea Food Competition (BIFC) created by Big Idea Ventures. Join this session to learn about a new exciting edition to FHA-Food & Beverage 2022.
13:50 – 14:00


Promo: Big Idea Food Competition (BIFC) at Alternative Protein Asia
The inaugural Big Idea Food Competition will shine the spotlight on the best entrepreneurs in the plant-based food industry in Asia Pacific and create new entrepreneurial ecosystems while inspiring the next generation of food startups. In a world where food and food security is becoming an increasingly political issue, the need for conscious food production and sourcing has become a major issue facing the planet. The Big Idea Food Competition (BIFC) aims to discover and support the next generation of food entrepreneurs and encourage new innovations in this food space.
Organised by Big Idea Ventures, a venture capital fund whose aim is to solve the world’s biggest challenges by supporting food entrepreneurs, the BIFC invites food entrepreneurs to enter a pitch and cooking style competition to determine the number one startup in each participating country. The winners in each country will travel to Singapore to compete for a chance to take home USD200,000 in investment.

Speaker: Ben Pippin

Channel Director, Big Idea Ventures

14:00 – 14:50


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What’s New in Plant-Based Dairy and the Future of Animal-Free?
From plant-made milk and yoghurt to cheese alternatives, the dairy-free space continues to see very dynamic innovation, delivering strong growth and attracting key dairy players into the space. This presentation analyses the consumer drivers behind the success of this industry, key hotspots for growth and the latest innovation in the space, including the developments in precision fermentation and cell-cultured dairy to achieve animal-free alternatives.

Speaker: Monique Naval

Senior Research Analyst, Euromonitor International

14:30 – 14:50

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Inflationary Pressures – How Food Markets, Brands and Retail are expected to adjust
After a rise of 23.1% last year (FAO), food prices are likely to further climb at about 4.5% this year. The Ukrainian crisis, soaring factory inflation in world’s second-largest economy (China) or risks of droughts could exacerbate rising prices worldwide and significantly impact any economic recovery from the pandemic this year. As consumer prices tend to lag behind commodity prices by several months, households are to face continuously higher food bills.
Consumers are expected to “trade down” brands amid inflation and adjust their spending, yet what are the long-term impacts for brands, retailers and food markets? Will inflation be a continuing trend and impact the supply chains for years to come?
Nielsen IQ’s Executive Director, Craig Houliston is to give astute data insights from Asia’s leading economies, brands and retail markets to shed light on the expected adjustments.

Speaker: Craig Houliston

Regional Executive Director, Nielsen IQ

14:50 – 15:00

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Thrive Together with Australian Dairy: Partnering to Provide Safe, Nutritious
land Sustainable Dairy for a Healthier World
As one of the world’s largest dairy exporters, Australia is committed to providing safe and
nutritious dairy for a healthier world. From fresh milk, creamy yoghurts, natural cheese:
and nutritious dairy ingredients, for decades, our industry has been working together
delivering those products to our global partners in Singapore and across the Southeast
Asia region.As a food and beverage industry professional, we understand the origin, quality and
safety of food is important to you. We invite you to this unique opportunity to hear from
the Australian dairy industry, to learn more about our optimistic farmers, our innovative
processors and our nutritious high-quality products. We then explore world leading
research and the role of dairy in a sustainable future, both in Australia and more globally.
Through this webinar we share with you the people, place and passion that makes
Australian dairy, some of the best in the world.

Speaker: Catherine Taylor

International Trade Manager, Dairy Australia

Speaker: Bronwyn Duke

International Market Manager, Dairy Australia

Speaker: Melissa Cameron

Human Health and Nutrition Policy Manager, Dairy Australia

15:35 – 15:55

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From Transparency, Blockchain & Quality Insurance: Adding Connectivity to Prospérité’s Sustainable UHT Milk
As consumers sustainable choices thrive even after the pandemic, yet the demands on more proof about sustainable practices and productions is increasing.
Indeed, it is now not enough to know the origin of the milk, but the main concern will nowadays be on the actions applied regarding the environment and the animal welfare.
Accordingly, Prospérité brand has manage to provide additional proof of its sustainable specifications to meet consumer needs by giving access to more digitally audited information about its environmental impact and the well-being of its cows.
In line with Ingredia’s philosophy to produce healthy products in harmony with the environment, our cows and crops are bred in self-sustainable farms. Our cows are fed exclusively on grass and natural feed so that they can give good quality milk. With the help of blockchain, our milk is real-time tracked and digitally certified, providing consumers and professionals access to all traceability and audit information.
Discover the Ingredia brand and experience Prospérité’s French qualité first-hand with dedicated webinar.

Speaker: José Luis Pinedo Rivera

Product Manager, Ingredia Dairy Experts

15:55 – 16:00 Promo: About Warees Halal Theatre at FHA
What to expect for Warees Halal’s exciting content program during FHA 2022? Mark your calendars when visiting the show and get a sneak peak of what the Halal industry will look like in the post pandemic world.

Speaker: Dewi Hartaty Suratty

CEO, Warees Halal

16:00 – 16:30

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Drivers for Drinks Performance in Asia: 2021 analysis and Industry Forecast

Join this session to learn:

  • Has the beverage alcohol market fully recovered from the pandemic?
  • What consumer trends are driving consumption?
  • Who is driving no- and low-alcohol global momentum?
  • How will the Ready-to-Drink (RTD) market evolve post-pandemic?
  • Ecommerce landscape becomes more nuanced as sub-channels blur
  • What does the future look like?

To learn more about the trends presented in the webinar and to keep up to date with the IWSR’s latest analysis, you can sign up to receive IWSR’s weekly industry insights email.

Click here to access the IWSR ebook on the 8 Key Trends Driving the Global Beverage Alcohol Industry in 2022

Speaker: Sarah Campbell

IWSR Intelligence

Closing & What to expect at FHA
Relieve today’s highlights and learn about what’s happening during the on-demand sessions and in the next weeks ahead of FHA

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