Join the FHA-Food & Beverage Conference and gather insights from industry leaders as they discuss the F&B market outlook, processing & packaging trends and more over the 2-day event.

31 March and 1 April 2020

FHA-Food & Beverage 2020 Conference presents Asia’s most comprehensive business gathering platform for industry leaders and global innovators to discuss the F&B market consumption outlook, product development innovative ideas, new markets penetration strategies, investment models, technological advances, and processing and packaging trends impacting our food and drinks today.

Conference highlights include:

  • Consumer behaviour and product innovation
  • Manufacturing automation and processing tech
  • Farm to plate case studies
  • Trade market outlooks – supply & demand, pricing and taxation
  • Demand markets for wine trade, halal and organic food products
  • E-commerce, food services, convenient foods

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Jocelyne Chin
+65 6508 2446
Jonathan Kiang
+65 6508 2471

2 Mega Events. Same Trusted Brand.

Food&HotelAsia (FHA) has evolved into 2 mega events, FHA-HoReCA and FHA-Food & Beverage. The two dedicated shows offer a more focused yet still comprehensive trade platform covering the food & hospitality industry with two distinct identities and differentiated offerings.

Explore The Stage For Hospitality Excellence at FHA-HoReCa:

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